Website of the Deacon Centre, Caterham - a creative space for Service Users with Physical, Mental, Learning and Communicative Disabilities, inspired by the life and work of Joey Deacon.

Attending the Deacon Centre?

If you're a Service User or a Support Worker attending one of our activity sessions in Caterham we hope you have a great time and, just as importantly, a safe time.

There will always be a seperate room with a quiet space available if you need to take some time out from the group activities. Most of our groups run for 90 minutes but if you need a break and have to leave early, that's fine too.

Things you might want to bring with you

  • Your official Deacon Centre name badge, if you've attended previously and been given one
  • A completed 'Hello' form if you haven't already registered with us (you can download a Hello form here)
  • Any creative project like a drawing or a poem you've been working on that you'd like to share with the group
  • A water bottle and maybe a small snack
  • Any emergency medication, just in case you need it, like an EpiPen or Inhaler
  • Whatever 'assistive toys' or 'comfort devices' you find helpful - fidget spinner, bubble popper, teddy bear... it's all good!
  • Your favourite pencil or pen (we provide these but you might prefer your own)
  • Yourself!