Website of the Deacon Centre, Caterham - a creative space for Service Users with Physical, Mental, Learning and Communicative Disabilities, inspired by the life and work of Joey Deacon.

Downloads & resources

All downloads are in .PDF format. If you can't find what you are looking for here, please contact us and we may be able to help.

The 'Hello' form

Deacon Centre Hello Form - thumbnail image

If you are a Service User or a Carer/Support Worker, this is the form you fill out before attending a Deacon Centre activity session for the first time.

You only have to do this once, and it allows us to learn a little bit about you and find out what sort of activities you are interested in.

Download the 'Hello' form

Our 2022 prospectus

Deacon Centre Prospectus - thumbnail image

Published in December 2021, this document outlines our plans for the year ahead and beyond.

It also has pictures of some of the first activity sessions we ran - maybe you'll see yourself in it!

Download our 2022 prospectus

Promotional poster

Deacon Centre A3 Poster - thumbnail image

It promotes the work of the Deacon Centre and encourages members of the public to donate towards our work.

Download this poster

'Show it off!' poster

Deacon Centre A3 Show It OFf Poster - thumbnail image

This poster is designed to be printed in A3 size, but it will also work in A4.

It features a little bird called Chico, our old friend Colin the Banana, and a fish playing a flute - all drawn by Deacon Centre Service Users.

If you live or work in a residential or supported living facility, please put this poster up in a communal area to encourage other Service Users to get creative and share that creativity with others!

Download 'Show it Off' poster

'It's time to get creative' poster

Deacon Centre A3 Exhibition poster - thumbnail image

This poster is designed to be printed in A3 size, but it will also work in A4.

We are gearing up for our first ever public art exhibition in Caterham!

Put up this poster and encourage your service users to join in by creating works of art.

Download 'It's time to get creative' poster